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All Things Kids

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy All Things Kids!

So much to see, but really, it’s all about that unicorn!

. . . oooh! And big ol’ firetrucks!

This iconic toy store on the square in Georgetown is such a fun place to explore! I really found myself looking through the eyes of a child while looking around for gifts for family members.

There are a lot of familiar toys, including classic toys I played with as a child. And of course, there are some really cool new and modern toys, as well.

Speaking of cool, none of the toys in this store need batteries! This is a store with kid-powered toys only!

The best toys are powered by imagination, and these adorable trucks are here to prove that!

Yeah, I’m not gonna lie. I had to buy one for myself. I’m going to blame my assistant, though.

Remember the fun we had with Lincoln logs, and Pick-Up Sticks? And how Lego are still a favorite (for kids and kids at heart)? This toy store embraces toys that require imagination and don’t rely on flash. It’s so much fun to see kids getting excited over the charming toys they’ll likely remember fondly as adults. And, of course, they offer a wonderful selection of books!

And if fun toys aren’t enough, what about ice cream? Because what could make an awesome toy store MORE awesome? An ice cream parlor inside! They have a great variety of flavors, too!

If you need more convincing to check it out, this giant Lego pirate should just about do it.

I’d like to put something pirate-worthy here, but just really can’t top that this is a giant Lego pirate. It’s cool enough on it’ own.

All Things Kids is located at 703 S. Main Street, Georgetown.

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