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Cave-ing In

It may be hot outside, but is there anything cooler than exploring a cave?!

Recently, I went to Inner Space Cavern to check out The Adventure Tour. I wanted to see just what was so special about a dark hole in the ground. And honestly, I was floored! I mean, floor to ceiling, there was no shortage of incredible things to see!

Why do I feel like the theme to Jurassic Park should be playing here?

This is how horror movies start, isn’t it? You find yourself in a situation which is a little spooky, with a lot of laughter? Yep . . . there are probably cave dinosaurs in here . . .

These astonishing formations stretch from floor to ceiling - and you’re not allowed to touch ANYTHING in the cave of wonders. (Okay, one thing. You can touch one thing. But that isn’t it.) It looks like a prehistoric underground village, and I love it!

Do you ever find yourself struggling to remember the difference between "stalactites" and "stalagmites?" (You know how often that comes up in everyday conversation!) Here's an easy way to remember which is which: stalactites are the formations which hang from the ceiling of the cave - they have to hang on "tight!" So, by process of elimination, stalagmites are the other ones, the ones which grow up from the cave floor. Now you'll be prepared to set your friends straight the next time you're all discussing speleology - that is, the study of caves!

This formation is called The Ice Cream Parlor. Can you guess why?

There are so many cool formations to see, many of which have food-related names. Spelunking is hard work - I think the people naming the formations may have been hungry!

This spot is actually beneath I-35! You can hear the faint rumbling of the cars overhead if you listen closely. And that hole in the ceiling isn’t just there for decoration!

The history of this cavern alone is spectacular for even the seasoned spelunker. And the tour guides are anything but dry . . . unlike these caves. There are dad jokes and bad jokes abound, but they're still funny, and they mixed in some extremely informative facts - and acts! At one point, for example, you get to experience complete darkness. It’s pretty incredible.

Is this a Sumo wrestler eating an ice cream cone, or just a really cool rock? (What’s with these names and ice cream? But I do see it!)

And it’s quite safe. Specialists, we were told, inspect the integrity of the “rooms” on a frequent basis, and there are safety rails and traction rugs on the trickier paths. But be sure it is a safe tour for all ages and skills - there were several children in our group who handled the up- and downhill spots even easier than us grown ups.

There was even time for a fairy tale. Yep . . . a fairly odd fairy tale, but a good one nonetheless.

There was even cave art buried in the depths! I think this may have been my favorite part; I have a real soft spot for cave paintings. Can you imagine what life would have been like for the artist of these pieces, so long ago?

All in all, it was a really fun time! So, if you are looking for a rock-solid way to round out the summer and keep your cool, head up I-35 (or down, depending on where you are) to get yourself a ticket and explore a real underground cave!

And for the especially brave, try the Hidden Passages tour. This tour explores a newly-opened area and is only lit by flashlight. I think I’ll wait a while for this one. I saw The Descent - I know how that ends!

Inner Space Cavern is located at 4200 S. I-35 Frontage Rd. Georgetown, TX.

As always,

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