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Check This Out!

Growing up, I always thought the library was sort of a magical place. My little sister and I even used to "play" library in our room, complete with a "card catalog" and a rubber stamp to "check books out" to each other and to our parents.

A library is a special place. It's so quiet and cool against the hot, noisy canvas of summer -- it's a great way to escape and find yourself . . . and even get a little lost along the way as well.

Back in the day, the library was home to only books, card catalogs, and, if you were lucky, a microfiche or two.

Now there is so much more! Card catalogs are computerized and you can use online computers to research instead of those unwieldy mircofiches, and that’s not even the whole of it!  You can rent DVDs, CDs, and even reserve study space.

Libraries are no longer silent places. The Georgetown Public Library has a weekly "read-to-dogs" session for kids to practice their reading skills and also offers a large selection of classes and seminars, art and photography displays, and even features live music!

And if that isn’t cool enough, there's also a cafe with food and coffee -- it's the perfect place to meet up and hang out with friends. This definitely isn't the library of old!

Oh, and there's also a used bookstore, just in case you need just one more reason to love this sweet library.

This library is so much more than a place to check out books for a little literary escape. It’s a literal destination in itself!

Georgetown Public Library is located at 402 W 8th St, Georgetown, TX 78626.

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