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Coffee on the Square

I was getting some quality retail-therapy time on the square recently, and it hit me, that afternoon slump that can only mean it’s coffee time!

Luckily, I was right near Cianfrani Coffee Company.

It's like stepping back through time to an old Italian coffee joint.

It’s such a quaint, inviting coffeehouse. It has artwork displays, tons of comfy seating, lots of clever coffee cups to buy for gifts, a great selection of deli offerings and pastries, and the heavenly aroma of delicious coffee hanging in the air.

It’s the little details that make a place stand out.

You know your coffee is going to be good when it's made by an Elektra!

It’s a popular place, so I waited a moment or two to place my order. That gave me time to peruse all the delicious pastries and the enormous coffee cup selection.

It took some thinking, but I finally decided on a super-strong coffee called a Cardiac Arrest. It’s a double shot of espresso with regular coffee -- not for the faint of heart, obviously!

And to round that jump-start off, I sat down to enjoy some music and an incredibly delicate blueberry scone. I mean, who wouldn’t love a scone with their Cardiac Arrest?!

Oh, and Cianfrani has a beautiful view of the Williamson County Courthouse -- perfect for people-watching.  It's got great coffee, a relaxing atmosphere, and a gorgeous view of the most beautiful town square in Texas. It's definitely a place to frequent!

I may have to go back this week just to try the muffins . . .

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