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Comfort Zone Camping

If you like the idea of camping, but hate the idea of actually being deep in the woods to do it, Krause Springs campground is perfect for you.

Set on 115 acres, Krause Springs has a little bit of everything, including pools, picnic areas, gardens, natural water features, and no shortage of comforting wind chimes.

You can choose to be as primitive and isolated or as modern and social as you like in this campground. You can go for the day and enjoy swimming in one of the 32 natural springs, wander through the butterfly garden, or, if you'd rather, you can stay and tent camp for a few days. They also have RV hookups with water and electric for you glampers out there. (You know who you are . . .)

There are also plenty of beautiful natural sites to explore. Take a walk down a shaded path and enjoy the last tastes of summer in this vibrant, lively camp. You will not feel as isolated as you would in other central Texas campgrounds, so if social camping is your thing, this is your place. It has a little more of a festival atmosphere, and that makes it a fun, special camp spot!

Krause Springs is also on the National Registry of Historic Sites, and has been in the Krause family for over 50 years. It's just another one of those very special things about Central Texas!

Krause Springs is located at 404 Krause Springs Road, Spicewood, TX. Check the website for news, seasonal information, and fees.

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