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Finding Finley's

On a quiet corner in downtown Round Rock, a perfect bar and grill patiently waits to be noticed.

A recent addition to downtown Round Rock, Finley’s already feels settled-in. Regulars already exist and they already know what I just discovered. This place is amazing!

The food is so delicious, with a full menu ranging from your favorite bar goodies, to incredible tasty treats like these:

Old-fashioned cheeseburger

Grown-up grilled cheese

And the atmosphere so welcoming and comfortable. The dining area is beautiful . . .

. . . but the various outdoor dining and bar spaces are breathtaking!

Not to mention, they're dog-friendly!

Finley's is a perfect place to linger over drinks with friends, or pop into on date night.

It’s very cool, very hip, and very much a new favorite neighborhood bar and grill.

Finley’s is located at 410 W Main St, Round Rock, TX.

And if you want this to be your neighborhood bar and grill, call me! I’d be happy to help you!



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