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Historically Speaking

The Williamson Museum might not be the first place you notice on the square, but it’s one of the most fascinating! The building sits unassumingly on Austin Avenue with a small, yet elegant façade. In fact, it occupies space formerly created and used by a bank. The charm of that bank is maintained, and creates part of the static display of the museum.

This looks like a “safe” place to keep some cash.

It was all about attention to

detail once upon a time. This

is a steel safe door painted to

resemble wood!

It may seem quite an old establishment, but only the building itself is old. The Williamson Museum is a newer endeavor to keep our county history alive. Created in 1997, and originally located in Round Rock, dedicated staff have worked tirelessly to continue to promote our culture and heritage through hands on experiences, compelling displays, and even beloved local events like Pioneer Days, Ghost Tours, and many seasonal events. They also host the Cattleman’s Ball, a Photography Festival, and an upcoming living history event!

Are you brave enough to take the Ghost Tour?

You might feel like you've taken a step back into history just by wandering into this stately facility. A lot of the original architecture has been preserved, including the stunning penny tile floor, ornate ceilings, and the step up to the old teller booths. And it would not be a complete visit without taking a moment to peek into the old vault!

Original Stagecoach Markers

The original safe. This one is definitely not going anywhere!

This is an actual archaeological dig!

How cool is that!?

The exhibits change, of course, and the guides are very happy to answer any questions and share extra bits of history with you. Law and Order in Williamson County is one of the current exhibits, and it is quite powerful . . . as well as a little amusing.

I was delighted to have some of my questions be satisfied with a deeply enriching conversation. They really do bring it to life! If history class had been anything like this, we might all be avid historians!

This Victorian Mourning exhibit

was displayed at the old Round

Rock museum, once located in

an old Victorian historical home.

I could wander in here for hours. There’s a lot to read!

The courthouse just a few years

back. Okay, QUITE a few . . .

Displays like this old tombstone

rubbing make this such a

fascinating adventure!

The Williamson Museum is located at 716 S. Austin Ave. Check the website for their hours, and be sure to call ahead to schedule a tour (per their Covid precautions).

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