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Milano Trattoria Georgetown

Elegant Italian dining with a casual vibe -- that’s what you’ll find at Milano Trattoria in Georgetown. It’s a vibrant atmosphere with a hint of sophistication and none of the pretention. And the food . . . oh, the food!

The dishes taste so fresh and hearty, and look exquisite, even down to the fresh baked rolls! You’re likely to exhaust all five senses through your visit.

And the dessert menu takes a lovely meal to a whole new level! It was pretty hard to decide between the tiramisu or the cheesecake, but tiramisu ultimately won, and I regret nothing.

Milano is a longtime favorite of mine. I love to visit any time of day, but especially on those casual date nights. It’s familiar, welcoming, and just so delicious!

So if you’re in Wolf Ranch, and find yourself hungry and craving Italian food, do yourself a huge favor and stop in. It’ll probably become a favorite for you, as well! Oh, and don’t forget to try their incredible espresso!

Milano Trattoria is located at 1015 W University Ave in Wolf Ranch, with a second location in Round Rock coming soon!

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