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The Baked Bear in Georgetown

If you like ice cream and cookies (and who doesn’t?), you need to visit The Baked Bear on Georgetown Square!

They offer made-to-order ice cream sandwiches with freshly baked cookies, and the creamiest, most delectable ice cream! And when I say made-to-order, I mean that you select the cookies (chocolate chip on top, gooey cake cookie on bottom for the win!), you pick the ice cream, and you can even have the whole thing rolled in extra toppings!

. . . and they are HUGE!!

. . .and I do mean HUGE!

If you’re not up for that much, you can order a serving of one cookie (ask for it warm; you can thank me later), with a heaping scoop of ice cream in a cup.

It’s like a little cup of being a kid again!

It’s still a very generous serving, I promise you, it's worth every decadent bite.

These were for sharing, I swear!

If all that isn’t enough, you can get JUST cookies! I say “just” in the nicest way possible, because they are the yummiest monster-sized cookies!

There are vegan and gluten-free options as well, so there is a little something for everyone!

And they offer excellent life lessons, like this!

The Baked Bear is located at 109 East 7th Street in Georgetown.

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